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Real Estate Investing, Main Street America

It is fairly obvious President-elect Barack Obama is reaping what he has been sowing since his run for the senate in the State of Illinois. However, President Obama will face a storm of economic woes that mirrors the harsh times of the great depression era. Financial institutions across the country are going bankrupt at record numbers, causing a vacuum that impedes the flow of monies into main street America. With a collapsed financial system, such as we are experiencing today, the average family or small business owner become is dead in the water. Due to increased company layoffs, rising oil prices and tightening credit crunch, the amount of money usually available evaporates quickly. As a consequence mortgage notes and credit card payments are showing an increase in defaults. Foreclosures are on the rise at historic numbers as our cities try to cope with this slumping economy. From the war zone areas in larger cities, to the leafy upper middle-class areas of the more desirable homes, foreclosure signs are seen everywhere. Foreclosure rates are up 25 persent year-over-year nationally.

There is hope however for main street America and great opportunity for real estate investors too. There is a saying that "When there is blood in the streets, buy everything". This could not be more true than what we are experiencing right now. The time is NOW to BUY any and every piece of property that enters the marketplace.

A great source for finding these investments would be the motivated sellers with up-side down mortgages and from the banks that have large numbers of defaulted loans. Do you want to thrive in 2009, instead of getting crushed like so many others? Real estate investors need to know that the new changes in the laws, government policies, and economy are creating he biggest opportunity for huge profits to be made. The 2008 election and the present economy are making history for real estate investing. Today we are witnessing the greatest transfer of wealth the country has ever seen. Money is flowing from the helpless masses toward the courageous few who understand how to profit from these once in a life time events.

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Times are tough right now so we have watch the spending and try to save something. It may be a good idea to get financial consulting. My background is in the field of biology and music
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