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Real Estate - Reinvest in America

The big question on everyone's mind is, when will property values appreciate, again? You are not the only person asking that question. Real Estate professionals all across the country are wondering the same thing because the real truth is, no one really knows. No one can predict the end of the crisis.

America and Americans need to change their perspective on real estate to bring about a real end to the real estate crisis. Think about this: Real estate today is as worthless as the dollar.

Think about times past, to your parents or your grandparents. In the 40s and 50s, couples lived with Mom and Dad while they were "courting." During this time, they both worked to save up their 20% down payment on their dream home. They were investing in America. Since that time, that investment in America has been devalued because of credit and the easy access to it.

Not only has real estate been devalued because of credit, but the dollar has suffered the same fate. We assess value on an item's ability to be bought and sold rather than what has been invested in that item.

To give you an example. Two years ago, a person could have bought a house that cost $800,000. The owner of the house would have less than 5% invested in his property. Where is that homeowner today? Had the homeowner put down 20%, he would own a valuable asset. The home has REAL value and the homeowner is much more careful about moving that asset around. Putting only 5% down, the asset becomes disposable and so does the real estate market.

America needs to get back to solid buying and selling principals. This will strengthen home values and the dollar. The American Dream has become an American Nightmare and this country can only be rebuilt by hard working Americans, and not by Wall Street.

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